Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.....

It's funny how things turn out, all the weeks we had Bella and Lucy and were looking for homes, then on Saturday something amazing happened.

Lucy had been in a home for several weeks after being offered a space at our good friend Alexa's Animals, Bella in the meantime has moved into a kennel with her boyfriend Oliver. It seems crazy now but both of these girls were so good with dogs that we used them to help others.  Not once did we think of placing them together!

So anyway when Lucy's mam and dad decided that they wanted a friend for her,  they came up with the great plan of offering a home to her suspected sister! As you can see from the photos I took when they were first reunited, it looks as if they've been together all their lives,  and given the fact that they were picked up not too far away from each other with just a couple of weeks in between,  and how incredibly similar they are (even in the way they play and run) my money is on them being litter mates.

It's so fantastic to see them like this, and seeing them settled in a home together.  Thanks to Shane and Claire for giving them a home and us the idea!  What do they say about not seeing the wood for the trees?