Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Two Years On For Nina.....

Yesterday turned into quite a manic day, of which I'm sure you'll read about on here at some point. However it didn't stop me having a few special moments to remember a special girl that we lost two years previously. Nina was very much my dog at the kennels,there was a love there from the very first morning she was with us after she'd burst out of her kennel during the night. A love that is still there now.....

"Words can't describe how we're all feeling today, as we discovered the beautiful Nina had passed away in her sleep. She looked peaceful, but it shard to believe that she has gone. Nina was a brave girl, you'll remember she survived a massive pyometra in the summer, so if there was anything sinister happening she never let on.

Used and abused before coming to us, she was another Daddy's girl who would deliberately misbehave so I'd go and carry her home to her kennel. She helped so many dogs in her time with us, and shared kennels with George, Wilf and right to the end with Bobby. In fact in the 6 weeks or so she lived with him, Bobby was the happiest I've ever seen. Below are her playing with Jetta who was due to be destroyed for being dog aggressive.

 We're all going to miss her, perhaps me more than most, and we'll all never forget her that's for sure. Nina had been badly abused, but allowed us into her life and with it came love and trust..... from both sides.

Sky, Brookes, Dusty and now Nina all in two weeks. I think my heart is beyond repair.

Here's how we will all remember an amazing dog, and an amazing friend."