Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Please Pray For This Boy.....

We had an urgent call out today, and I have to compliment my out of hours guy John for doing all he could to try and save this boys life.

This young Lurcher was found in woodland this afternoon, unresponsive and fitting at very regular intervals. The kind people who found him looked after him until John rushed him to a vets as it was clear he desperately needed assistance.  On the way there he had two more fits in John's car, and things were looking really bad.

On arrival at the vets (who will remain nameless for obvious reasons) the vet prepared a quote for nearly £900 before they would commence treatment.  We have to remember this dog is a stray with no owner, none of us could afford to pay that.

A few frantic phone calls later, Moorview Vets once again came up trumps. Understanding the urgency of the situation,  they urged us to bring the dog to them. It was the only chance of survival.....
He has received medication to try and control the seizures. It is suspected he is either suffering from a series of epileptic fits or that he has been poisoned.  We do not know whether he will make it through the night. I have had to authorise that he be put to sleep on vets advice if his condition doesn't improve in the immediate future. He could suffer severe brain damage or worse depending on the cause.

In the meantime please pray for him tonight. He is believed to be only a year or so old. His life has not even begun.....

(Warning video shows the dog just coming out of a fit.)

As well as John, a big thank you to Moorview Vets and Animal Welfare at Northumberland County Council for doing all they can to save this dogs life.