Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Four Years On Since We Lost Keiser.....

Its incredible how time flies, and I can't believe its now 4 years since we lost big Keiser. Another big German Shepherd with an even larger reputation, Keiser had a big influence in the lives of everyone he met. I will never forget him.....

Yesterday was another one of those sad days when it was time to say goodbye to one of the old SHAK "Forever Foster" boys. Keiser arrived with us with a huge reputation as nasty, but despite a more challenging character at times, deep down he was a sweetheart. Keiser found his foster home by lying down in the house where we used to rent kennels and simply refused to leave. That was Keiser, and for all his faults he really was a strong and brave boy. In the time we had him, he beat testicular cancer, a bowel problem and even had a toe removed. However, age and illness catches up with us all in the end, and Keiser seemed to deteriorate severely over the last 2 months or so.

He leaves behind a Mam and Dad who loved him, and a whole load of memories. Thanks for those big man, it was an absolute pleasure to have you as a SHAK dog. Run free now, no more pain. x