Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Run Free Big Morgan.....

I had some very sad news on Wednesday as I found out that one of our big old boys Morgan (who we rehomed 6 years ago) had passed away after losing his battle with bone cancer.  I'll always remember Morgan,  he was so frightened when he arrived, but I know just how happy he was in the 6 years that he was with his family. All that being said, I think it best if they tell his story.....

"He was out playing in garden two weeks ago came indoors limping we got him into Robson Prescot Vets  that afternoon they gave some anti inflammatory pain killers thinking he may have been over playful and twisted his wrist. after no improvement over 3 days took him back they gave a stronger medicine pain relief yet still no improvement at end course.

 Morgan being so laid back he never cried or whimpered just kept showing us his sore paw we took him back this morning for to have xray under sedation which revealed a large aggressive bone tumour we took the heart wrenching decision to ease his discomfort.

We can only say he's been a great family pet no trouble at all allways giving cuddles right till his last moment in my arms