Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Newbie Makes Another Friend.....

Whilst Star and I have been enjoying a few days off in the sunshine with half term, Melissa and David have been continuing our work on our behalf. Well I say they have but really it was all the work of Abbie!

Abbie of course is the Staffy girl that came to us with a horrendous bite on one of her front legs as a stray. Here she is, not deterred nor is her opinion of other dogs tarnished from her past experience, having been adopted by Mel,  David and their little SHAK gang she had very little choice. Instead she loves to play and in turn has continued helping our little newbie get over his own fear of other dogs.

(We still need to name Newbie,  but in the meantime he is the one in the muzzle. )