Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Postcard From Blade.....

"Hi, Thought I would drop you a message and tell you how I am doing. I have been diagnosed with a systemic yeast infection (SYI) and my mam's have finally got answers to my skin condition. You can read more about this here:

Everyone keeps saying I look amazing now I have a full coat. Its been tough having this problem but everyone held out hope for a diagnosis and persevered with me and boy, I feel good now. I get fed lots of tasty meats.... I have duck, chicken wings, venison necks, rabbit, ox, oh! The list of yummy things is endless!! I'm not allowed any other foods as my body can't process starches or carbohydrates. I am on some special medication but the lady at the vets is happy for me to be weaned off them soon.

I have started this thing called agility. Its supposed to work my mind and get me to focus on my mam (she squeals alot when I do it so I think I'm doing ok). They keep saying they are proud of me.
 I go out on a long line thingy which lets me go further than normal. It's great! They call me back and give me yummy treats. I'm doing good at too.

So all in all, I'm turning out to be a very good boy. I just needed some extra TLC and understanding to enable me to enjoy my life.
See you soon!