Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Kia Update.....

It was time for a check up today for Kia, having been away from the vets for 10 days. She is progressing well and weight baring on her repaired leg, resulting in some very happy vets requesting that she goes back in 6 weeks (22nd July) for x rays and the surgery to repair her other cruciate. Fantastic news and once again thank you to Moorview and Anne for taking such good care of her.

Kia with her reward for being such a good girl at the vets.

Her appeal for funding for her vets bill is also doing well, with £488 being donated on line and £90 in postal donations, making a grand total of.....£578 however we still have a way to go to reach our target of £1500. So whilst I thank you all for your fantastic support, please tell all your family and friends about Kia and ask them to donate via our fundraising page below, thank you:

Kia still smiling as she left the vets last week.