Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Busy Day For Rohan.....

It's been a busy day for Rohan yesterday, as after doing really well at swimming, it was time for him to try on his new boots!

As cute as he looks, it's really not a great sign that he needs these, he has to wear them to try and protect his feet from becoming scraped and sore from dragging them as he walks. Still in true Rohan fashion he didn't complain just got on and enjoyed his walk.

Anybody who has a German Shepherd with CDRM (or any other dog) will know just how heart breaking the condition is. Seeing such a beautiful big boy struggling is so sad and we are trying to carry on as much as normal. Anyone who saw him at Morpeth Fair on Sunday will testify to that, still we are doing all we can to give him the best of everything despite this horrendous condition.