Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 29 June 2015

Buddy's Story.....

mentioned the amazing little dog that is Buddy a couple of weeks back, well having got sick of me not getting my backside in gear and pulling his story together, Melissa has decided to do her own video..... and a great job she's done too.

Buddy was collected by our Out of Hours team, emaciated, wobbly on his back end and bloated from scavenging off the streets. On the way to the vets he was sick..... kebab and pizza!

Mel and David fell in love with him and took him home. After trips to the vets and eventually a MRI scan it was discovered he was most likely born with a kink in his spine putting pressure on his spinal cord. After much thought it was decided surgery was his only option to have a normal pain free life. The tops of three vertebrae were taken off to relive the pressure on his spinal cord.

 I'm delighted to say that once again Moorview Vets were superb, and the operation has been a huge success.

As you can see Buddy's quality of life has had a dramatic up turn, and now he lives and runs like any dog can, and he has a family that adores him.....

 All that said though, they say that actions are better than words, so thanks to Melissa, heres..... Buddy's Story: