Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

We Lose Another Very Special Boy.....

We are all trying to get to terms with another very traumatic and sad 24 hours. I received a call whilst travelling to Scotland and a rare day trip to say that Benson had collapsed and was in a bad way. A very supportive and understanding Rachel agreed that there was nothing else to do but turn around and rush back to get him to the vets. It was a long road back.

Benson's story in itself is a very sad one. Found by the body of his owner who had committed suicide using his lead, Benson was understandably stressed and fearful. I still have the paperwork from the Police stating "property to be rehomed or destroyed." It took Benson a long time to get over those events and I guess it was even years before the real Benson started to shine through.

In Sheena he found a true friend, a person who he could trust, and a person he could call his own on her days at the kennels. Their bond was incredible to watch, and she could do things to him that I wouldn't dream of trying. I think despite our own grief the thoughts of the team are all with her right now.

Yesterday we found Benson lying down, dehydrated and anaemic. He was shaking every time his body breathed, and as soon as I saw him I knew that Melissa and David had done the right thing calling.

We rushed him straight to the vets, and I have to say that the care and attention provided by Moorview even though his arrival was at such short notice was amazing. He was too weak to sedate, but allowed Rachel to show the vets his mouth, he then allowed me to muzzle him. This in turn lead to him being scanned several times and examined all whilst conscious. Quite an achievement if you had ever met him.

The scans showed a fluid leaking in his abdomen, but because he was awake we couldn't get him in the right position to get a good look. At one stage there was four of us trying to get him where he needed to be. I had the sharp end, Rachel the front legs and Mark  the vet the back legs whilst Darren scanned. Still we couldn't get a definite answer.

The plan was for him to stay in over night on fluids to try and get him strong enough to be sedated and fully checked. He was a little brighter in the morning and even had breakfast and a little stroll with a nurse..... then an hour or so later he went to sleep and didn't wake up.

A post em showed the cause, a large and hugely aggressive tumour that had eventually burst, having leaked for so long. There was nothing that we could of done, and the vets thought maybe that his little revival was perhaps relief after the tumour burst before he bled out.

As I said we are all shell shocked. Benson, like Lewis and Hugo was with us for so long and such a big part of our routine, our day and our life. It's so hard to think he's not with us anymore, but we can remember him knowing he got the best when he needed the most, we didn't destroy him like unclaimed property.

Something I'm very proud of..... Benson. The cover star on my book.