Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 25 February 2010

An Email From Alfie (Now Vinny).....

"Hi Stephen
Thought I’d just send a quick update about Vinny. He’s doing really well – this week he really likes my Dad! Might be something to do with being fed duck & chicken off him & getting a nice ride out to the reservoir for a walk every day. He’s settled into a routine as well, and has even been left alone in the house for a few hours with no upset or problems. He’s got a bit of a thing for cats and sheep as well but we’ve been watching the dog whisperer & it’s me or the dog so we’re learning (slowly) how to distract him. He’s absolutely fine with other dogs and loves Bess, my sister’s greyhound. Gets a bit upset when she’s allowed a run round the field & he has to stay on the leash – obviously there’s no way I can keep up but he gets a bit of a ‘jog’. And I’ve lost about half a stone in 10 days so it’s all good! He does a really funny smile type thing when he gets up on a morning and I will keep trying until I get a photo of him doing that and will send it to you. I need to get some more outside pics as well but it’s nearly always dark when I have him out. In the mean time, I’ve attached a couple of him lazing around.
Hope you’re well – I’ve been reading your blog & it really must be hard for you at times – hope this comes as a bit of good news.
Thank you for letting me take Vinny home – we all love him loads already!
Joanne "

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