Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sassy Update.

I'm pleased to say that Sassy has been through her operation, and is resting at the vets over night. She has had quite a lot done.....chest x-rays, her leg x-rayed, her lump removed, her nails clipped, a scale and polish and 4 rotten teeth removed (at no extra cost from the vets. Thank you Jonathon at Moorview.) A sample from the lump is being sent away for analysis, but her chest x-rays showed up clear for any masses in her lungs.

Apart from being a little stressed last night, possibly the first night she has ever spent away from Zak, she has been fine and won the hearts of everyone at Moorview Vets.

Zak meanwhile has clearly missed his girl, but I have to say he has been VERY clean in his kennel. Maybes now the fact he can get out to the toilet is a major factor in this positive find.

Watch out for details of "Support Sassy Sunday" later this week.....