Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Touch Of Poetry.....

Saw this is the latest edition of Homer (The Retired Greyhound Trust Magazine.)

The Perfect Dog - Judy Zatonski

They came to find the perfect dog

To join their family

Altho' they had a massive choice

The one they picked was me


I didn't match the sofa

I wee'd upon the floor

They said I took up to much space

And that I scratched the door

They claimed I was aggressive

That I didn't heed my name

It seems I was their 'whipping boy'

For everyone to blame

I "didn't meet requirements"

Was the phrase they used

So I was taken back again

Frightened and confused

A day was all it took them

To turn this hound away

How could this boy have learned the ropes

In just one single day?

And so once more I waited

As the visitors passed by

I felt somewhat despondent

As I tried to catch their eye

Then someone stopped to stroke me

My ears and chin they scratched

Could this be my lucky day?

(Their sofa would I match??)

And on that day they chose me....

But I was quite concerned

My confidence was shaken

In case I was returned


I didn't have to worry

And very soon I found

That they love me 'warts and all'

I was their 'perfect hound'