Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 29th January 2010…..

Things have been busy behind the scenes this week, as progress has been made with the four new arrivals as well as existing dogs.

Laser and Murphy are such a loveable pair, having been used as guard dogs I was expecting something totally different, but these two are nice sociable dogs who both need each other.

Bodie and Doyle went for a walk with me and Debs too, and despite being well behaved it was so upsetting seeing how much the outside world blew their minds. They were both very stressed, although Doyle did seem to settle on the way home.

There are some new budding romances at The Rescue Place too. We now have Lola and Max, Meg and Otto2, Bouncer and Grace, Tess and Bobby and the wild ones Oliver and Judy. It is so nice when you look at the runs and see them all playing. The games seem to pass down from run to run as they all copy what the next pair is doing.

I’ve been busy all week trying to rescue a pregnant bitch. For legal reasons I can’t say anymore than that. I find out on Monday if she is to be destroyed or not. As you can imagine it is a very sensitive subject. More if or as it develops.

One dog that is settling into a new way of life is Bones (now called Jones or Jonesy when you get to know him). This little man was the dog that went on Home Trial recently, and as you can see from this photograph he has found a new best friend.

Also Birthday wishes to Harlie, who is 3 today. This beautiful girl has been through so much already in her short life. She is looking well, and seems to be happy, so lets hope she can enjoy a change in fortunes. Happy Birthday Baby, I’m so proud of you.

Well its nearly the weekend, so just a quick reminder to pop down to see Derek at Seaton Sluice on Sunday for a cuppa. Which reminds me, a special thank you to a special lady. Thank you Margaret who trailed around local supermarkets to get a “top brand” cheese that was on special offer, for Sandra’s scones. Ten packets later, it means those wonderful scones should be even cheesier on Sunday ha ha.