Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 26 February 2010

Important Announcement From SHAK

2010 sees SHAK changing focus once more to concentrate our efforts on those dogs that need our help the most.

"Real Rescue" is an extension of our Retirement Scheme which provides sanctuary for those lost souls that have been so badly abused and neglected that the outside world is a traumatic place for them.

Concentrating our resources on the rehabilitation, environmental enrichment, physical and mental stimulation of dogs that would otherwise be left forgotten and often euthanized is a natural evolution for the charity. This means that as well as not taking dogs from the general public we NO LONGER rehome SHAK dogs to the public.

Fully assessed and rehabilitated dogs may be placed into a "Forever Foster Home" where the emphasis will be on providing the dog with a stable environment, appropriate diet, positive socialisation, good physical exercise and participation in training classes or a dog activity such as agility or flyball and offering comprehensive support and advice from our forever foster team.