Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wednesday 10th February 2010.....

Tess had a trip to the vets today, as she had poorly eyes. After our track record of Rottweilers needing Entropian operations, I feared the worst. Pleased to say though, it appears to be an eye infection that had caused inflamation and swelling of the eyelids, so with a dose of drops she should be fine.

I have to say that Tess was an absoloute start all day, and made friends with every dog that came in regardless of size. I can say nothing better than the vet himself..... "What a perfect advert for the breed."

There has been some new faces up at The Rescue Place this week, and for once they were human and not k9! Thank you to Justine, Kenny, Karen and Andrea (well, Andrea its so long since you've been your like a new face ha ha) for giving up a few hours of your spare time to help me out.
Can I just also clear one thing up from a previous post. Krysta HASN'T had puppies, she just decided to mother some whilst they were in foster at her home.