Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 28 February 2010

An Update on Lucas.....

"hi steve,

hope you are ok and the bad weather is'nt getting you and the girls and boys down(two and four legged ones).

I have just had Johnathan on the phone to say he got lucas's water sample results back and they are clear of any culture growing in it, which is brilliant news. He is on his anti-bio for another month,then he will go back for scans and if all is well they will go ahead with the snip. His weight is as it should be and his coat is beautiful and Johnathan is just so pleased at his progress as we are.

His character and personality is really comin out as he is feeling so much better in himself. The only problem he has still is being left alone.We leave him for 10mins at a time, I'm sure the more confident he becomes the more it will be easier for him to be a big brave boy and stay on his own. He doesn't damage anything or make a mess, he just gets so upset and barks and cry.As you know we are in no hurry we go at lucas's pace.

Thank you for the great but short time we had at the kennels,and the beautiful photo's of lucas. you and the rest of the team do a brilliant job, and you can see all the boys and girls are so safe and happy, keep up the great work, dogs like lucas and guardians like Andy and myself thank you, well that's it we'll keep in touch, all the best from Lucas, and his adopted parents Andy and gill


What can I say, so proud of Lucas, and so pleased to of found the perfect parents for him.