Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 15 February 2010

Sassy and Zak..... Arrive at SHAK

This was the email I got a coupleof days ago, both dogs arrived yesterday on Valentines day:
"Urgent rescue placements are needed for 2 dogs in the Birmingham area. They currently live together but could be seperated if need be. The owner of Sassy and Zak is disabled, basically he is having to move into sheltered accomodation next week and cannot take the dogs with him. The only alternative is for the owner to pts as there are no local rescue placements available.

However, nothing is ever simple.......Sassy, who is reported to be 9 years old, has mammary growth which is around the size of a tennis ball which has not been seen by a vet. Also she has some sores of her front leg. Pictures attached show Sassy, despite all these problems, she is a lovely girl that really needs some TLC.

Zak, health wise appears ok and is quite active considering hes approx 10 years old.
They have no vaccinations.
They are NOT house trained......owner allows them to toilet indoors.
Neither have been outside the home for over 5 years
Early signs show that they are sociable little dogs. Sassy is at the vets on Wednesday. Please pray that we can get her through this.