Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sunday 7th February 2010.....

Wow, following on from a busy day yesterday, sounds like Seaton Sluice was the place to be today! THANK YOU to everyone who ventured down with books, food, bedding, toys, homemade cards and everything else we are so grateful to get. I had an elated Derek on the phone tonight, over whelmed by the amount of support he had turn up today. Both him and Sandra put so much into these Sundays, so on behalf of me and everyone Thank You for supporting them, and of course, Thank Them for supporting us. (I hope that makes sense.)

In a day that sounds fantastic it is hard to single out people to support, but I'd like to thank Lucas and his Mam and Dad for travelling all that way with all those gifts, Vicki and Debs for popping down to try and get rid of their hangovers, and the people who travelled from around the corner from me at Bedlington to drop stuff off. A MASSIVE THANK YOU though, to everyone else who turned up, your efforts have helped save lives.

It was busy at The Rescue Place too, but then it always is. The dog who met his new Mam yesterday had a visit from her again today, and if all goes well he'll be going home next Saturday.

And just look at the pictures of little Jonesy (Formerly Bones) settling into his family life. He loves his Mam, as I think you can see in the picture when she wasn't well.

Last week started with horrendous news, dogs lost their lives before they were even born. This weekend has helped show me why I do it. Thank you to every single person (you all know who you are) who has helped restore a little bit of faith.